Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm still here!

I noticed my colleague Tube Dude mentioning the fact that none of us other LU bloggers seem to be making any updates! So just to prove I'm still alive I thought I'd make a new blog entry!

I apologise for the lack of updates, but there has really been nothing of any interest to blog about! In fact, I did make a quite long post about my recent block training experiences just a few minutes ago, but the electricity went off (as per usual in this shit hole) and I really can't be bothered to write all of that again.

Briefly, the training has now changed to include training for the new Connect radio project (I believe originally planned for 2001 so they're running slightly over...). Anyway, the training was a waste of time! The instructor did his best to tell us about the system, but sadly the powerpoint presentation didn't work, nor did the radio sets which were installed in the Hammersmith training room, so I'm still none the wiser as to how the radio system works, although it does promise to be a huge improvement on the current one (which isn't difficult on the District - I can receive German radio stations on a Long Wave wireless more clearly than the District Controller can be heard on the current train radio!)

The strike scheduled to take place this Thursday 2nd March is still on at the moment, but I am fully expecting both unions to call it off again. This particular strike is about the new policies LU are apparently trying to impose without union consultation, but I believe the company and unions are 'actively talking' now, so hopefully Thursday's strike will be called off. Then the pay discussions begin...

Apparently the company are looking for a five year deal, including a no-strike agreement. This will take us up to 2011. Surely they should be looking at a six year deal to cover the Olympics in 2012? Anyway, the unions are certainly going to be tied up with those negotiations, and no doubt there'll be the usual threats of action from the RMT and possibly ASLEF.
I don't think these discussions have been started yet, and therefore I'm not positive on the long-term deal thing, but that's what the rumour mills are spreading, and they're usually pretty accurate!

Anyway, that's it for now. I'd better publish this before the electricity trips out again...


Blogger kateyay said...

hooray! you're still around!

are the new refurbished District Line stock any different in the driving part?

If you happen to be on a turn that involves Aldgate East and there's someone smiling on the platform, it may well be me! :)

have a good day!

8:57 am  
Blogger DistrictDriver said...

The refurbished cabs are exactly the same as the old ones, except they have a new keyboard for the digital voice thingymajig, and we finally have an offside door close button on the console so we don't have to stand up when the doors are on the offside (like West Ham for example)! Not that I'm lazy or anything...

I'll keep an eye out for smiling people at Aldgate East - you should stand out quite well, because most people on the District look completely miserable!

You'll know if it could be me driving by the fact I always have my cab light on! There are about 5 drivers on the District who do this, so that should narrow it down a bit!!

2:13 am  

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