Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Have To Be Careful!

One of my colleagues today entered the smoking room at Earl's Court where I was sitting and said "It's you, isn't it?"
A bit of a strange "hello" I thought, of course it's me!
My colleague then went on to say "I was on the internet the other night, and you're DistrictDriver aren't you?".

Hmmm. I suspect my identity is probably so easy to work out by the posts I've made in the past, but now I know my colleagues are reading, I'll have to be careful about what I say!!!

Remember a few years ago, laser pens were the 'must-have' item for yoofs. These devices were designed for teachers or lecturers for pointing out things on whiteboards without needing a wooden pointer, however because they produce a tiny dot of red laser beam, the chavs all decided what fun it would be to have them to shine into peoples eyes. Particularly drivers.
I thought I'd seen the last of those things, but tonight while sitting in my driving cab at Wimbledon waiting for my departure time, I suddenly get a red light in my eye, then flying around my cab.
Obviously I didn't know what it was at first; it could have been a laser-sight for a rifle or anything! Anyway, I worked out it was bouncing from the mirror, and it was being shone by a yoof in the front carriage.
I told him in no uncertain terms if he did it again it would take a bloody good surgeon to remove it from his backside.
He sat down, and off I went thinking no more of it. Then I see the red dot again! This time the train is in motion. The last thing you want to see while driving a train is a red light in front of you!
Anyway, on arrival at the next station, I stepped onto the platform and looked through into the saloon, and he's shining this laser thing through the spyhole on the cab door (the spyhole is simply for security reasons so we can see who is behind the door before we open it!).
As I'd already told this guy off once, I removed him from my train. I told the line controller what he'd done and what I'd done, and he passed the message to the station supervisor, so hopefully he was also thrown out of the station.

This may sound a bit extreme, but a driver is perfectly within his rights to refuse travel to anyone he/she believes could pose a danger to the train or the railway. In my opinion, this guy had been given one chance, and how stupid was he to then shine his toy through the spyhole?!

Hopefully this doesn't mean these laser thingies are coming back into vogue for the chavs.


Blogger acb said...

I don't think your actions were extreme in the least. Fuckwits like that should not be allowed to use the Tube, and possibly banned from going in public unsupervised.

9:38 am  
Blogger Tube Dude said...

It is you! I had a similar experience the other day, upon arriving for duty at a station, the door opend and the SS greated me with "oh hi Tube Dude" Bit of a shock at 6 in the morning. It appears that our work mates do actually read our ramblings then.

Take Care

10:44 am  
Blogger Shola said...

Yes be very careful, as we do enjoy your ramblings and we don't want you to get the sack.

5:35 pm  
Blogger Anne said...

Only last week I had to put up with the T/Op on a 'proceed with caution' because of 'children running across the track' between Plaistow and Barking. Then another night there were a bunch of drunken yobs who thought it would be funny to pull the alarm in the last carriage after the train left Plaistow, resulting in the T/Op to get out of her cab at Upton Park and walk all the way down that platform to my carriage, at a point which was too late as the culprits had done a runner!

I'm getting tired of these inconsiderate idiots holding up the District Line service home, especially late at night. Makes me angry. >.<

As for identity, I get a few rare occassions where I'm actually approached on my journey home (I always get in the last carriage on the District Line journey home for East Ham you see). 'Are you '3.1'?' and I just smile and nod. :p

2:20 am  

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