Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome to 2006!

I'm very happy to report that Bob Crow's plans to ruin New Years Eve for hundreds of thousands of people were almost completely ruined! There were a few stations closed, but every line had a service running through the night as planned, although I did notice that the numbers were down from what I remember of the last few years.
Now when I say I'm very happy, I don't mean that in any way as a dig at my station colleagues who did go on strike, or who worked despite the strike. I am aware of the reasons behind the strike, but as I commented a few days ago, hopefully the RMT will find another way of getting their point over rather than holding a gun to Londoners heads.

The mood of those using the tube last night seemed to be pretty good, and for the first time ever on a NY Eve, I didn't suffer any abuse! Hopefully this is the same for all my colleagues on stations and trains... There's nothing worse than trying to run a service under difficult circumstances (especially with a strike going on!) and then being harassed for doing your job by knob-heads who think they know everything about our job.

I'm not going to make this a news review etc, as every newspaper and TV channel does that! These are the quirky facts about last year which I have recorded in my 'little red book'!

Overtime claimed due to late stabling because of signal failure
723 minutes.

Overtime claimed due to late stabling because of drunks
165 minutes.

Overtime due to incompetent signallers (this is where they put you into Ealing Broadway platform then simply forget about you, or leave you at a red signal for ages somewhere between Ealing Broadway and Ealing Common depot)
508 minutes.

Trains with broken windows
4 (down from 9 in 2004!)

Drunks unconscious on train at terminus requiring assistance either from BTP or other station staff

Incorrect routes set for me by signaller

Number of near-misses (people trespassing or pretending to jump in front of me)

So there we go! Let's see if we can get lower numbers on all of those for the 2006 review!

I hope and pray that 2006 will be a prosperous and peaceful year for us all.


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