Saturday, December 03, 2005

Incompetent Lawyer?

On checking my train for lost property this evening before returning it to depot, I found what can only be described as a highly classified file which had been left on my train.
Obviuosly, as soon as I saw 'classified' on the cover, I had to have a sneaky peek, as I thought it was maybe a wind up, but it turned out that this file contained a lot of details about a recent "armed operation" and seemed to contain statements and FULL details of all witnesses and police officers involved.

Obviously I didn't read the file; I simply glanced through it and made sure it wasn't just rubbish. I immediately handed it to the station supervisor with the advice that maybe he should contact the police to tell them he had it. The supervisor was as shocked as I was!

I'd love to know who left this file on a train! You read about such things in the Sunday newspapers! I can only assume it was either a very incompetent lawyer or senior police officer.

Very worrying, especially if the file had been found (and used for whatever reason) by some of the types we usually carry on our last trains.

Hopefully it will be returned to its rightful owner ASAP, or if it was given to the police then whoever left it should be disciplined.

Other than that, a very uneventful Friday night!


Blogger Driving Instructor said...

It is amazing the things that get left on the train.

Why do people have to do their work in public? Surely such files should not be read in a train?

Whoever it was should be punished.

The Driving instructor

6:35 pm  
Blogger Poor Peers Dynomite said...

Would have been a nice bed time read :-P. Some people just dont have any sense of resposibility !

3:13 pm  

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