Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ghost-Busters Needed!

Maybe a case for my colleague Tube Dude who is fascinated by such things:

Last night on arrival in Barking sidings, I shut down my train to change to the west end as usual. As I walk through the train, I slam the inter-connecting doors behind me as I walk through.
Anyway, all inter-connecting doors are closed and I'm sitting just behind the west-end drivers cab reading a newspaper waiting for my departure time and I clearly hear the unmistakeable sound of inter-connecting doors slamming!

Now, those of you who know me (or read my comments on Tube Dude's blog about his ghost hunting) will know ghostly-type things completely freak me out! Here I am in Barking sidings alone on my train, which I've just walked through so I know is empty and I can hear the doors slamming!
I stick my head out the cab door to see if there's another train alongside me, which there isn't. There are a few C stock trains stabled over the other side of the sidings, but I wouldn't have heard their doors slamming.

I wasn't brave enough to have a stroll back down the train to check, I just locked myself in my cab!
It could have been anything I suppose, but the sound of the inter-connecting doors slamming is quite distinctive as I've heard it before when a fitter has been walking through my train. This time there was no-one. There may well be a logical explanation, and I've been desperately trying to think of one!

I'm dreading going back into Barking sidings again now! So Tube Dude, I suggest the next time you pass Barking sidings, see if you feel anything!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

Love to bring my team to Barking, and the sidings - speak to your TOM and see if it can be arranged.
Maybe it's the train and not the sidings, but there again Upney is quiet close.
Otherwise, maybe a qick prater and request a fast turn around from the "old man"

10:01 pm  
Blogger Neil said...

What you should have done was picked up the PA and said "Would all ghosts please refrain from using the interconnecting doors whilst the train is stationery. Thankyou".

3:12 pm  

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