Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back From The Grindstone!

Back to normal! Had a nice week away although it could hardly be classed as a holiday! In fact, every period of time off work I have is never called a holiday really because there's always something my wife finds for me to do!

Last week I've replaced all of the curtain rails in the house, painted the hallway and measured for the wood flooring my wife has decided she now wants. I'll have the pleasure of laying that during my next 'holiday' in May!

So, it's nice to be back at work for a rest! Very quiet first shift back, although I've managed to get ten minutes overtime because the signallers are still being total idiots. Apparently they're still 'working to rule' which surely should mean they actually do their job properly instead of holding us everywhere for no reason?
Still, if they want to keep giving me overtime I'll not complain! It all helps at pay day.


Blogger Shola said...

Welcome back, you are not the only one who takes time off to rest and end up doing more work. I'm no good a most DIY stuff, but there is always something the Mrs finds me to do.

I want to fly a hang glider across the UK

11:09 am  
Blogger Tube Dude said...

Wooden floors - get a good tape measure and a good jigswa with some sharpe blades.

I actually enjoyed putting mine down.

Watch out at Aldgate East - loads of ghosts there!

11:07 pm  

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