Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Not Just Us Train Drivers Going The Wrong Way!

Lovely story on the BBC Website, although I'm not sure those involved would think it was lovely!

Basically, it's a story about a pilot who landed at a military airfield instead of the City of Derry airport. Train drivers often take 'wrong signals' (for example at Hanger Lane Junction where the Piccadilly heads towards North Ealing and Rayners Lane, and the District goes to Ealing Broadway), but I thought aircraft were fitted out with computers which direct the pilots? And surely the Air Traffic Controller should have seen the plane landing at the wrong airfield?

Anyway, it makes a District line train up at South Harrow seem quite insignificant in comparison, and at least we can blame the signaller for setting the wrong route in the first place! (You know how much I love my signaller colleagues!!)

Just so you know, I'm feeling a LOT better now, and have not needed the painkillers since Tuesday! I am in at work later today (Thursday) for a 'disability test' (at my own request) just to make sure I can still climb in and out of the train cab (it's a long drop down to the ballast if we need to use a signal phone!). Also to make sure that I can drive the train comfortably. The controller on a D stock is on the right hand side, and obviously if it's going to put my right shoulder under too much stress by returning to work, then I'll have to have more time off until it's completely healed. I'll let you know later!


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