Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8!

Well, at the time of writing, it's just coming up to 3am on Sunday morning. The London Live 8 concert went on until midnight.
That's an awful lot of people who'd be stuck in central London with the last trains just about ready to depart. Make poverty history? It certainly would have done for thousands of cabbies tonight!

However, LU to the rescue! We decided to run trains upto an hour later than the usual finish times to get as many home as possible. However, this over-run had not been thought of by LUL, and no plans had been made. Therefore at about 8pm, the DOM (Duty Operations Manager) decided to appeal for volunteers to work a bit extra!

As it turned out, they got all of the volunteers without a problem and the trains were still coming through Acton Town at about 1am quite full!

The District line has been very quiet lately, at least on my train! I find this worrying, as it isn't normal to get through an entire week without changing ends at Upminster and finding a fire extinguisher discharged all over the saloon, or a window missing or the cab broken into or urine all over the saloon etc.
Maybe the BTP initiative is actually working! I know they have been putting plain-clothes officers in the back carriages of trains to try and catch offenders, and word of this has obviously got around among the chav community!

We did have a fun day last Monday with the heavy rain, causing signal failures all over the place, however I had a few PC probs so couldn't blog about it!
At least the Wimbledon Tennis Championships should finish later today (Sunday) so those people who live east of Southfields will actually be able to get a seat on the train again!

Anyway, that's about it for now. We now have three refurbished D stock trains running around on the line, although I have yet still to drive one! Hopefully sometime this week!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

Next you'll have classical music too, still waiting for LU to supply the anti chav music, so they'll have to listen to my type of ant chav music.
More spook stories to tell, so pop in the station sometime and I'll tell you more, as well as show you the pics!

6:10 am  

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