Tuesday, June 07, 2005


When I first started out on the long and winding road which is blogging, I intended to post at least every other night that I was working. Sadly this hasn't happened!
My latest excuse is that every time I start to blog, the bloody electrical trip switch trips out. Someone in one of the flats below me is using something which is causing the main switch to trip out, instantly plunging us into darkness. Obviously this is now being investigated by an electrician, as there's a serious fault somewhere, but he seems to work similar shifts as me, so when I get in from work and put my PC on, he does something shortly afterwards which blows the switch!
It's really annoying either waking up and realising I've slept in because the clock is simply flashing 00:00 at me, meaning the power has been interrupted while I've been sleeping, or coming home from work and having to reset my video, clock etc. In fact, I've now given up resetting everything until the fault is traced.

Not much to report really, which is good! I haven't experienced a signal failure, points failure or any type of failure for quite a while!
I did have a pratt of an SA at a station (which I'll not name) somewhere in the City who waved a red handlamp at me as I was approaching a platform. This is an emergency stop signal, so I dropped the deadman's handle applying full emergency brake, and stopped about quarter of the way into the platform.
I refused to move my train forward until I got an explanation and a green hand signal in front of the CCTV cameras (to cover my own arse, you understand - I don't want allegations of ignoring an emergency stop signal made against me!). As it turned out, I got the green handlamp, but no explanation.
I didn't make a complaint this time, but if it ever happens again, I most certainly will. Drivers always fear the worst when they see an emergency stop signal, and it certainly gave me a surge of adrenaline!

Yes, the new refurbs have indeed started running this week! They're still confined to the Olympia service, but at least they're in service. Within three hours of the first train entering public service, it had already been vandalised by some form of sub-human, braindead scum. But, as I mentioned in a previous blog, the new trains have various hidden CCTV cameras on them, constantly recording to a hidden hard drive. Hopefully LUL can provide the police with a nice photograph of the vandal.

The Acton Town remote booking on and off dispute is still ongoing. Sadly it seems there is no obvious solution, with the staff refusing to back down and the management saying it would cost too much to get rid of it. Hopefully, the travelling public are unaffected by the dispute as we aren't trying to disrupt journeys. We're trying to make a point to the management.
We held a meeting last week to decide which way the action should go (either step it up to one day stoppages or continue as we are) and thankfully we unanimously voted to continue as we are.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now! Electricity allowing, I'll be back tomorrow!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

As a Supervisor some where on the District Line, east of Barking, I enjoy your blog, I always thought it was just my end of the line that had sad, braindead scum, but no, I'm pleased to see it's the whole of the line!

RE Emergency Stop Signals - I had cause to give an emergency stop signal to a driver a few months ago, and the drive wave to me and then carried on past me! why bother, so it seems that after all, and against managements wishes, we are all human after all, and do make the odd mistake.

Gizza whitle when you work out which station I'm at.

9:41 am  

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