Sunday, May 01, 2005

Kylie Mania!

No, I'm not referring to Bob Kiley, I'm talking about the little Aussie lass with the nice butt!
As I went to Earl's Court to pick up my first train this evening, I was wondering where everyone was heading, then I noticed the sign outside of the Earl's Court Arena announcing Kylie Minogue - apparently on for a week!

It certainly boosted the passenger numbers! Normally Sundays are quite quiet! My last train heading back to Ealing Broadway was packed with Kylie fans who had been to the concert and insisted on giving me (and the first carriage) a rendition of every song! They actually brightened my journey, and I thanked them for the 'in-flight entertainment' via the PA system when they got off my train!

I'd rather have singing teenagers than drunks anytime!

Not a lot else happened today. I noticed when I was at Ealing Broadway about 2330 waiting to go to the depot that the Central Line alongside us had traction current discharged and a few people with high-powered handlamps were walking along the track. Must find out what that was! I know it didn't affect me, but I'm nosey!!


Blogger Robert John Kaper said...

But what about singing, drunk teenagers switching at Earl's Court after a gig at Hammersmith?

9:10 am  

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