Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hello Again!

You may recognise the title of this entry as the name of a Neil Diamond song! I use it very deliberately this evening after having a trainload of Neil Diamond fans on board this evening! They were certainly a different crowd from the Kylie fans I referred to a few weeks ago, but at least when the singalong started in the saloon behind me, I could actually join in because I knew the words!! In fact, my kareoke song (very rarely used these days and I have to be very drunk to volunteer to get up!) is "Love on the Rocks" by Mr Diamond, although I think anyone who has ever heard my version would certainly agree that Neil's version is slightly better!

I noticed in this evenings Evening Standard that mobile phones could be used underground before too long. To quote the report: "All 275 London Underground stations are to get full mobile phone coverage within three years."
God help us.
Much of the District line is overground, and it's guarenteed that someone sitting behind my cab will either have that awful Crazy Frog ringtone, or will hold a conversation so loudly it competes with the train PA system to be heard over all six carriages! At least the tunnel sections are a break from that... For now.
I can see it will have advantages, in an emergency, but for the vast majority of journeys, surely people can manage without a mobile phone for just a short while?
Interesting that they reckon this technology will be network-wide within three years... We've been waiting about five years for a decent (and essential) train radio system! The new train radio (known as the 'Connect' project) was originally due to be unvieled in about 2001, and is now scheduled for later this year, at least on the District line. I'll not hold my breath.

I don't want to sound like a total whinging git, but is anyone as sick of Big Brother as I am?
I very rarely buy newspapers these days, because there are enough left on the trains to start my own branch of WH Smiths, but glancing through the Sun and the Mirror etc over the past few days, they've been full of Big Brother stories. Who gives a toss? Presumably someone must be interested or they wouldn't keep running the show, but let's face it: They're a bunch of wannabe-famous people in there simply to try and get a modelling/singing/presenting job out of it.
Good luck to them, but I certainly wouldn't want people watching my every move live on TV! It's bad enough having your every move tracked on CCTV at work!
I notice on E4 (which was previously a premium channel, but now is free) they relay BB live through the night! What is the bloody point?! They're all asleep! If I want to watch someone sleeping, I'll watch my wife!

Apparently the refurbished D78's are indeed still scheduled to make their first public debut tomorrow (Wednesday 1st June). They will be running on the Olympia to High Street Kensington services all day, and if you get a chance, they're well worth having a look at to see what's new... You won't even recognise them compared with the old silver beasts which are still running around on the line! Apparently HM Railway Inspectorate have now approved them to operate in passenger service, so there should be no reason to delay them again! By the time I write tomorrows blog, we'll know if they ran or not!


Blogger Barry said...

Your blog is highly entertaining - even to a fellow LUL worker. Keep up the excellent writing... and if you fancy meeting up for a few beers and a chat, drop me an e-mail.

2:32 am  
Blogger Tube Dude said...

Ha Ha, so the revampt D stock is going to make an appearance, bet it's awhile before LU let it loose on my end of the District Line, were it'll be stoned and possibly set on fire!

New Trains and Bandit country, no chance!

8:57 pm  

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