Monday, May 30, 2005

We apologise for the delay...

Yes, I'm back from my holidays! Actually, been back for a week, but I returned to find my BT landline was completely dead. The first thing I thought of was "did I pay the last bill?", but thankfully it was paid and it was just a technical error at the little green junction box outside. Still, it's taken them all week to repair it, but I'm back!!

My holiday was very nice since you ask! I returned to work on the hottest day of the year so far, which is very uncomfortable. I know it's bad travelling as a passenger in a packed train during the rush hours, but at least the average journey is only 10 minutes or so. Compare this with the 4 hours which we drivers could be sitting in a sweat box for! No air conditioning, although (as I think I mentioned in one of my earlier entries) we do have a 'Norvent' which sucks in the air directly from outside without any sort of filter, so you end up with a cab full of insects, leaves, dust etc. Strange how wasps tend to be rather upset at being sucked into a boiling hot cab! Bees are ok(ish) because they just bounce off the windows trying to find a way out, but wasps are nasty, vindictive insects who set out to make my life hell! I knew there was a good reason for carrying my working timetable with me!

Apparently the newly-refurbished trains will be finally making their debut this Wednesday on the Olympia service, but I'm not holding my breath... We've been given dates so many times which have then been cancelled for some reason. At least the new refurbs have proper air conditioning in the drivers cab.

As I write this, it is now officially bank holiday Monday. The LU network is closed all over the place for engineering works. The District line is suspended Earl's Court to Whitechapel for the ongoing rail replacement works through the city. The new track is certainly much smoother than the old track - I didn't think there would be much difference, but even travelling as a passenger I can instantly tell the new sections. Hopefully they won't leave them for another 50 years before they replace them again!

I'm actually off today (the first bank holiday I've had off for quite a while!) so it's probably going to be cold and wet all day... Good old bank holiday weather!

Next update on Tuesday...


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