Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Maybe I'm just getting a bit old now, but I do tend to laugh at the way some of the 'yoofs' dress these days.
One young lad at Dagenham East was wearing a baseball cap sideways, then a hoodie, then on top of them, another basedball cap! Eh? Has he got bad hair that he's ashamed of? I can accept a baseball cap or a hoodie, or maybe a combination of both, but surely the extra cap is going a bit far?

I had to stop myself taking a photo of a lad on the bus going to the station this afternoon, or I'd have been branded a pervert!
The lad (probably aged around 18 or 19) was wearing a pair of jogging bottoms which were hanging below his arse! I must have looked a right idiot on the bus because I couldn't help laughing! The guy gets off at the station with me, and I think "ah, maybe they just came a bit loose with sitting on the bus", but no! He walks into the station with his arse (thankfully covered with a pair of boxer shorts) hanging over the top of these jogging bottoms!

You certainly see some sights!

I see the powers that be have decreed that the C stock in the 'Back The Bid' livery should be running on the Wimbledon service for the next fortnight instead of going round and round the Circle. It was like being a celebrity driving that train, with loads of peeps taking my (or rather the trains) photograph!
The above photo was taken in an underground station, so is quite dark, but just so you know what I'm talking about!

Whether London will actually get the Olympics is another debate entirely!


Blogger Anne said...

General randomage (sorry!), but are these things allowed to be sold?

12:23 am  
Blogger DistrictDriver said...

Hmmm. There's certainly rules on LUL about selling of company property, so I'd assume the mainline companies have a similar policy.
There's always some railway employees who will try to sell railway equipment on E-bay to amke a quick buck from the many railway enthusiasts around the world.

12:28 am  

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