Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Nights

Always worrying for me, as someone who always does late shifts!
Incidentally, you may notice that these blogs are published at around 11pm or so each day... In fact, I'm still working at that time! Like this blog for example: At the time of writing it's actually 0230 on Saturday morning, but I always save it at a random time on the previous day, so that the relevant dates are displayed. Hope that makes sense!
Anyway, as I was saying, Friday nights are always a nightmare. People always have too much alcohol and end up puking all over the place, falling all over the place, fighting each other etc. The worst thing they do, though, is think they can beat 200 tons of steel hurtling towards them.
I was approaching Earl's Court tonight when one of these drunken idiots (seemingly showing off to his girlfriend and mates) decided just as I was entering the platform, he'd like to wave one arm and one leg over the edge of the platform. Obviuosly I slammed on the brakes and blew the whistle, and thankfully he moved or it could quite easily have cost him more than just an arm and a leg. Bloody idiots. Goodness knows what it will be like when Uncle Ken introduces the extra hour of Tube services at weekends.

It was a great joy to see so many police officers out and about at the east end of the District line this evening! It's the first Friday night in a long time I've passed through the likes of Elm Park and Dagenham East without having gangs of chavs sitting smoking on the platforms!

I had a passenger alarm activated this evening at a station at the west end of the District. You never know what you're going to encounter when you walk back to investigate and reset the alarm, so I approached the carriage cautiously.
As it turns out, there's only three Australian people in the carriage, one of whom is looking very sheepish.
I asked them if everything was ok, and he replied "Yeah, sorry about that mate, I thought it was a bell, like you get on a bus!" The poor guy had wanted the next station and decided he'd better press the bell!
Classic! You couldn't make it up!!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

As a member of staff on the mentioned station, yes, it is nice to see the Police out on the station, however, why does LU still think it's OK to have just one member of staff on these stations?

3:31 pm  

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