Monday, June 20, 2005

I Can't Win!

Yesterday I mentioned the countdown thing at my local bus stop which tells me how long I'm going to have to wait for my bus.
Well, this afternoon I arrive at the bus stop and amazingly enough, the display shows my bus is the 2nd one due in 3 minutes! Great!
The first bus came and went, and my bus duly stepped up to being number one on the scrolling list, now due in 2 minutes. The display then changed to 'due' which normally means it's just around the corner. I waited... And waited... The display updated itself and my bus just disappeared off the face of the Earth! Where the hell did it go?! I can only assume it did a U-turn round the roundabout at the top of my road and diddled back the other way!
My next bus (remember this is a 'ten minute frequency service' was now showing as number 5 to arrive... 18 minutes away. Yet another walk to the station!

I was driving my train this afternoon enjoying the sunshine (although with both doors closed and the vents closed because of the amount of insects which I seem to attract) when I arrive into Becontree on the east. As soon as I've opened the doors, a lady comes banging on the cab door pointing furiously. I have no idea what she's trying to tell me, so obviuosly I open the cab door.
"That girl was smoking on the train" she informs me, now pointing to a young chavette who was halfway up the stairs now.
"Hmmm" I reply politely "At least she's off the train now."

However this isn't good enough for this woman. She says I'm not doing my job and my attitude stinks!
What the bloody hell does she want me to do? Shut the train down and chase this girl up the stairs? I explain to the lady that if she'd told me sooner, I could have had her met by station staff or police, but as she was now leaving, there was nothing I could do.
She's still not happy and demands my name and number. I instead give her my train number and the time and inform her that the company can easily trace me through that. She re-boards my train and off I go.
At the next station (Dagenham Heathway) the woman gets off, but not before banging on the cab door again and trying desperately to make my life hell.

My station colleagues will certainly know what I'm talking about here, but do you ever get the feeling that no matter how polite you are, no matter how out of your control the situation is, that these people just see a uniform and expect you to do something?
Maybe I should have chased this girl with a fire extinguisher to stop her from smoking?

You can't win in this job!


Blogger Shola said...

So what is the proper procedure if someone is smoking on the train, and they would not put it out?

8:50 am  
Blogger Dan said...

I would assume it'd be contact the controller and have the train met at the next station by the police.

7:04 pm  

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