Monday, July 11, 2005

Ignorant Git

I came within a few seconds of actually hitting one of my customers today. As you may have gathered by now, I'm very much a peace-loving person and pride myself on my customer service skills etc, however this one particular drunken person really tested me.

I was changing ends at High Street Kensington on the Olympia service, after I'd announced via the PA that there was no Circle line service and no District service beyond HSK.
This drunk staggered off my train and started effing on at me calling me all sorts! I asked him what the problem was and he announced that "LUL were a bunch of c*nts and were always cancelling trains".
I asked him what he was talking about, and it turns out he's trying to reach Paddington. He starts swearing at me a bit more, and I start to lose my temper. I asked him if he'd been pissed for the past few days or slept through them. He then accused LUL of deliberately keeping the track closed to save money!
My blood was boiling and I could feel myself clenching my fists (and I'm not a little bloke either!) so I literally had to walk away from him. As I started walking away, he spotted a station assistant up the stairs so decided to have a bit whinge at him too. I lingered near the foot of the stairs because this bloke was getting closer and closer to the SA, but eventually I had to go as the signal cleared.
I sincerely hope that this bloke was thrown out of the station, or even better that the BTP were around to have a friendly word with him. Tosser.

Anyway, I'm off tomorrow, then dead late on Tuesday. If any of my District-blogging colleagues are working nights on Tuesday, I'll be driving train 4, so don't be shy in saying hello as you show me the green!!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

There's always one aint there, I have ti admit that my punters have been pretty god about "it".

Sorry, on lates tuesday and earlies by the end of the week, back on nights in about 10 days

11:28 pm  

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