Saturday, April 29, 2006

Later Weekends

I see TfL have now announced that they will be running later weekend services to cater for the pissheads at the expense of people who need to be out and about early on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
From June next year, the Tube will operate approximately half an hour later than they currently do, whilst starting about an hour later to allow for engineering works to continue.

This all follows a long consultation, although I suspect even if the results had been 99% against later trains, Ken Livingston would have introduced it anyway.

It's the poor early-morning commuters and travellers I feel sorry for. The extra time on a Friday and Saturday night will lose a lot of money for LUL (after all, would you insist on checking a drunks ticket at 1am? I certainly wouldn't. Many of them are incapable of buying a ticket anyway.

I've seen people queueing outside of Acton Town station to catch the first Picc train of the day to Heathrow on a Sunday morning. The train is usually quite busy, leaving Acton at approx 0645. The first train will in future be at 0745, which I'm sure the taxi firms will be quite happy about, but not the punters!


Blogger alantan said...

It seems like a populist vote-winning measure, although I'm not sure that the late-night users are the sort who would bother turning up at the polling stations.

One thing that interests me are the reports about the unions who state that the workload will be increased -- or more specifically, the work hours will be more unacceptable. I am not a tube employee, so it's a little hard for me to assess, but my own personal feeling would be to prefer to finish a late-nighter an hour later and get to start an early-morning weekend shift an hour later.

Can you disclose what the sentiment is (without getting into trouble with anyone)?

9:20 am  
Blogger Tube Dude said...

Yet again, it's the people at the extreme's of the lines that suffer. This means my last East to Upminster coming through at 01.50 but will no doubt be late as usual - possibly up to 30 minutes as the norm.

It also means that the first train out on a Sunday will be cut - it's the 05.47 to Aldgate East, be this gets the chop. After all it's quite busy, but drunks rule. As for getting drunks of the trains, I just leave them - let a sleeping dog...

Seems Ken's done it again.

10:03 am  
Blogger DistrictDriver said...

I believe the problems arise with the current parameters, ie at present a 'late' duty is anything finishing before 0130. After that, it's a night shift.
When the new hours come into effect, this will mean either re-negotiating the parameters for lates, or employing more night drivers (who wouldn't be needed through the week!).

This in turn has an effect on the early duties, which must finish by a certain time. If they are starting an hour later, they'll have to finish later, so that also will need re-negotiating.

At least that's my understanding of things. I stand to be corrected by anyone more knowledgable! Or I'll update this when I find out exactly what's what.

Tube Dude, the early trains on a Sunday are all quite busy! I was quite shocked the first time I had to do an early Sunday duty. I picked up almost a full load from West Ham apparently heading to a car boot sale or something!

11:25 pm  
Blogger alantan said...

Thanks for the answer! It will clearly cause a lot of upheaval. As you point out, it is a different pattern of hours to Mon-Fri, so I imagine it will be quite complicated to sort out.

8:49 pm  
Blogger Railway Temp said...

The way I've read it is that it's only Saturday mornings that would be affected by the "late" start, Sundays would be as now.

Still a problem for anyone needing to get into town/Heathrow early on a Saturday though.

And isn't it convenient that the announcement was made less than a week before the local elections, and just when the Government were having "problems"...

10:37 am  
Blogger Caatje said...

Now, I', not trying to stir trouble, but who exactly decides who is more worthy of using the tube, either the late-nighters or early-mornings? That is impossible. A lot of late night shift works also rely on the tube home, not just the drunks.

Anyway, what really confuses me. Ken said the break inbetween running trains had to stay at approx 5hrs due to repair works etc etc. But then why, if the trains only run 30mins later, do they start 60mins later? Why don't they start only 30mins later?

That said, I am not against the move per se, but what exactly 30mins at night is gonna make of a difference, I don't know.

9:28 pm  

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