Friday, August 26, 2005

Strange Request!

Normally when people ask me things at work, it's questions along the lines of "How do I get to x" or "What time is the last train" etc.
This evening, as I was heading towards Upminster, I stopped in the platform at Aldgate East and a rather drunk gentleman knocked on the cab door.
I'm always a bit wary about opening the cab door anyway, however I opened it and this gentleman asked me (in his drunken, slurred way) if I wouldn't mind waking him up at Dagenham East!
I was temporarily gobsmacked to be asked to leave my comfortable cab to wake up a drunk at his stop and I had to bite my tongue from being sarcastic and offering him a nice cup of tea to go with his morning call! Anyway, I agreed - after all, he was kind enough to breathe all over me while he was talking to me... I'd probably have failed a breath test after that!
Anyhow, as we were approaching Dagenham East, I made a nice loud announcement along the lines of "WAKEY WAKEY!", and it seemed to work because he staggered off my train without me leaving my cab!

Had the pleasure of finally having a chat with Tube Dude this evening too! We really must arrange a drinking session at some point, give us more of a chance to talk than the minute or so dwell time in the platform!

I also had the pleasure of being told I had a sexy accent this evening as well! (No it wasn't Tube Dude who told me that!!) A young Aussie lady who I had to evict from my train at Ealing Broadway at 0120 was quite taken with my accent, asking me where it was from etc. Really made my night! Of course she was very drunk!

The answer to my little photo quiz... Thanks to those of you who had guesses, but sadly you were all wrong!
The photo:

Is actually at Kensington Olympia! They are the new(ish) flats which have been built directly opposite the station. I'll try and find another photo to test you with soon!


Blogger Tube Dude said...

I know, its the back of 55 Broadway, those are the pent house appartments, where Tim O'toole and Mike Brown live, needless to say Tim has the top floor.

I believe that Bob Crow lives there too.

See you tonight.

7:14 am  
Blogger Laura said...

How sweet of you to be an alarm clock after all!!

4:03 pm  

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